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Located at the foot of the Baiyun Mountainand by the Luhu Lake, the Guangzhou Museum of Art (GMA)covers a floor area of 20300 m2 and a gross area of 40300 m2.With a history of more than 40 years as the former Guangzhou Art Museum,GMA was re-built at a new address in 1995 and open to the public on Sept. 23,2000 as the first phase of the project finished in the same year. The secondphase was completed in 2003. GMA is among the largest art museums in South China, a multifunctional unit of collection,research, display, exhibition, education, communication and entertainment.There are 19 exhibition halls, including a multifunctional exhibition hall, astorehouse, a restoration studio and an appreciation hall. GMA is famous forits modern and professional facilities and affluent artistic aura.

       GMAplaces most of its emphasis on the collection of Chinese calligraphic works andpaintings of all dynasties, especially those in the Lingnan area, and, in themeantime, gives due attention to the artworks of other categories, includingChinese paintings, calligraphy, oil paintings, engravings, water colors,gouaches, powder paintings, cartoons, lacquer paintings, tapestry, stone tabletrubbings, sculptures, Tibetan thangka (picture curtain), copper wares, ceramics, woodworks, paper-cuts, stamps,stationeries, foreign relics and manuscripts etc. The age of the collectionsextends from the Neolithic age to contemporary era and many of them are statecultural relics, with high historical and artistic values.

       Thepermanent exhibition galleries in GMA include the Gallery of Chinese Paintingsof All Dynasties, Gallery of Lingnan Painting School, Gao Jianfu Art Gallery,Chen Shuren Art Gallery, Lai Shaoqi Art Gallery, Guan Shanyue Art Gallery, LiXiongcai Art Gallery, Zhao Shao’ang Art Gallery, Yang Shanshen Art Gallery,Liao Bingxiong Art Gallery, Yang Zhiguang Art Gallery, Ou Chu Collection Hall,Zhao Tailai Collection Hall and Ma Sicong Memorial Hall. Temporary exhibitiongalleries are Special Exhibition Gallery, Conference and Exhibition Hall,Exhibition Hall for International Exchang etc.

       GMAhosts assorted exhibitions annually with complementary catalogues and academicseminars. Meanwhile, GMA pays great attention to cultural and artisticexchanges and introduce selected foreign exhibitions constantly. On the otherhand, GMA spares no effort to promote Lingnan culture to the public byorganizing exhibitions and seminars on Lingnan art. In addition, we pay muchattention to the development of domestic and international contemporary finearts by holding exhibitions involving important contemporary artists.


We provide thefollowing services:


Freeguided tours are provided at 10:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 14:30 p.m., and 15:30 p.m.daily at the lobby. Appointment is required for group guided tours. No more than30 visitors can take part in each tour, which lasts for about 45 to 60 minutes.Please contact the education unit at 83659027 for making appointment.


Art Workshop

Art experiences of variousthemes are organized on the first Sunday morning every month. Those who areinterested can visit our website or micro-blog for details or make anappointment through telephone.


Loan Service

The Museum providesexhibition materials free loan service for schools, communities, enterprisesand institutions. Exhibition materials include International Museum Tour,Caricatures by Liao Bingxiong, Lingnan Painting School, Paper-cuts Collected byGMA and Bird-and-flower Paitnings Collected by GMA etc..



Abidingby the GMA’s aims to establish a solid academic foundation with distinguishingfeatures and to provide adequate services for a harmonious atmosphere, museumdocents are welcome to join us. Please call the Education Unit for furtherinformation.


Friendsof GMA

Friendsof GMA is a non-profitable organization of members who are enthusiastic ofpublic welfare and museum art, and willing to perform the rights and duties.Those who love museum and art can join the Friends of GMA by filling in theapplication form.


BookStore and Arts and Crafts Shop

Abook store as well as an arts and crafts shop can be found in the Museum,providing assorted books, catalogues, magazines, and other cultural products.


ShortMessage Service (SMS)

SMSof the newest exhibitions is offered by the GMA. Please register at the informationcounter if you need it.


Freeleft-luggage service

Freeleft-luggage service is provided at the information counter. Please keep yourown valuables. Please take your belongings before 4:45 p.m. (Saturdays, Sundaysbefore 4:15 p.m.). GMA is not responsible for loss or damage of personalbelongings after the overdue time. A luggage card is given for your storagereference and shall be returned when you reclaim your belongings. Any loss ordamage of the luggage card should be compensated by the responsible visitor.

EmergencyMedical Service

First-aidkit and medicines are provided at the information counter in case of medicalemergencies.



Wheel-chairsand baby strollers are provided for those in need. Please register at theinformation counter. Free drinking water is provided at resting areas.


Visitors’ Notes

Free admission

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday to Sunday:9:00——17:30

Last entry: 17:00

Closed on Monday (except public holidays and special occasions)

Regulations & Suggestions:

Before entering the museum, visitors are required to receive a security check, and to deposit luggage at the information desk. 

Please dress and act appropriately.

Please do not touch any exhibit. 

Inflammables, explosives, and other dangerous items are not allowed.

No food or beverage is allowed in all galleries. Smoking is forbidden in the museum.

Photography is permitted for private, non-commercial use, except for sites or areas with "No Photography" signs. The use of tripods and flash is prohibited in both special and permanent exhibitions.

In case of an emergency, please follow instructions by the museum staff. 

Complaint and Supervision Hotline:


Guangzhou Museum of Art




To reach to Museum, visitors can take thefollowing buses: 10, 808, 297, 84, 109, 110, 546, 544, 76, 76A, 190, 245, 63,Rushing Hour Route No. 13 and Traveler’s Route No. 1. Or Metro Route No. 5 and get off at theXiaobei Station.


Contact Us

Address: 13,Luhu Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong,P.R. China


Enquiry: 02083659337