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In Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Victory of Anti-Japanese War: Exhibition of Foshan Paper-cuts Themed on Revolution in Collection of Guangzhou Museum of Art

Release time:20-11-12


The art of paper cutting is one of traditional Chinesefolk arts, and the most well-known traditional paper-cut of Guangdong is the Foshanpaper-cut. Strictly speaking, Foshan paper-cuts are carved patterns by a kniferather than scissors. According to the production materials and methods, Foshanpaper-cut is categorized into pure colour, copper lining, paper lining, copper cutting,paper cutting, copper chiseling etc. It is famous for its splendid and dazzlingcolours, resplendence and rich regional characteristics of the Lingnan area.

At first, the traditional Foshan paper-cut aimed atdaily decoration, which had been changed in the 1950s and 1960s. Later, Foshanpaper-cut switched from traditional to modern form with great differences in itsfunction, theme and techniques. Based on traditional skills and at the sametime, using the art forms of print and publicity as for reference, the theme, theartistic language and style of Foshan paper-cuts had been innovated. In regardof its theme, it became important to reproduce the glorious history of therevolution, eulogize the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, describethe spirit of the workers, peasants and soldiers who are brave and upward, showthe friendship and unity of the people of all ethnic groups, and publicize theprinciples and policies of the party and the state. In terms of artistic languageand style, Foshan modern paper cut was featured as concise and passionate. Dueto the limitation of specific era, the creators of Foshan paper-cut gave fullplay to their talents and created a number of works with both regional andcontemporary characteristics, which had turned into artworks in pictorials,magazines and exhibitions.

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the victoryof the Anti-Japanese War, to vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Anti-JapaneseWar, to make good use of the red resources, to carry on the red tradition and toinherit the red gene, the Guangzhou Art Museum hold this exhibition of redtheme in collection of the Museum. We select a number of high-quality paper-cutsin our own collection over the years, which are mainly made by noted artistsincluding Zhang Ba, Pan Baoqi, Lin Zaihua, Tang Jixiang, Tan Bochao, Yang Yongxiongand Liang Zhiyan. By demonstrating the revolutionary history and the Anti-JapaneseWar, the story of the new China Construction through the exhibits, thisexhibition reproduce the arduous process of the Chinese people from sufferingto victory, the glorious and outstanding historical achievements of therevolutionary ancestors and the fearless spirit in Anti-Japanese War, andeulogizes the great achievements of the people of all ethnic groups inlearning, production and construction since the founding of new China Greatachievements.