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Chen Shuren Art Documents Exhibition

Release time:17-07-27

Mr. Chen Shuren (1884-1948), formally named Shao, alias Zhe, pseudonyms Nianhua Weixiaozi, Jiawai Yuzi, Ershan Shanqiao, and De'an Old Man in his late years. He was born in Panyu (today part of Guangzhou), and was recognized as the "Two Gaos and One Chen" and the "Three Masters of Lingnan School of Painting" with Gao Jianfu and Gao Qifeng. In his early years, he studied painting under the instruction of Ju Lian. Later he went to study in Japan and graduated from the Kyoto Municipal Fine Art College and Rikkyo University. He followed Dr. Sun Yat-sen in revolutionary movements and became one of the earliest members of the Chinese Revolutionary League. After the 1911 Revolution, he successively served important posts for the National Government and entertained himself with painting and poetry in his spare time.