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Retrospective Exhibition of Yang Zhiguang's Art

Release time:17-07-27

Yang Zhiguang (1930-2016) was a noted contemporary Chinese painter and art educator. Alias Daofu, he was born in Shanghai in 1930, but his original hometown is Yangxi of the Guangdong Province. He was once a student of the well-known calligrapher Li Jian. In 1948, he studied painting under Gao Jianfu, and was enrolled by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts with Xu Beihong as his instructor. After his graduation in 1953, he was engaged in art education, and served consecutively as professor and deputy principal of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

On May 14, 2016, Yang passed away at the age of 86. Today, we have selected a number of Yang's masterpieces and put on this special exhibition to show our remembrance and respect for this great artist.

First Time in a Whole Life    500px × 815px

Captain and Pilot    500px × 400px

A Yao Girl    500px × 735px

Zhang Ding    500px × 664px