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Like Nature Itself: Shiwan Figure Potteries in the Collection of Guangzhou Museum of Art

Release time:17-07-27

Guangdong Shiwan is reputed as the city of pottery. Most of local people are specialized in pottery industry. Pottery figure created in Shiwan is famed as "Shiwan Doll" for its ivid and lively art formations and artistic effects which can perfectly combine forms with spirits. "Shiwan Doll" has enjoyed great popularities in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, and its reputations have spread to Hong Kong, Macao and various areas of South Asia. The modern Shiwan figure pottery sculptures collected by Guangzhou Museum of Art are rich in subject and diverse in style. They are rooted in both traditional pottery arts and traditional Chinese culture and national aesthetic consciousness. In addition, they have also been influenced by the techniques of realistic expression since the 20th century.

Huang Feihong by Pan Bolin    500px × 371px

Zizai Kwan-Yin (Goddess of Ease) by Zeng Li    500px × 355px