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Exhibition of Lai Shaoqi's Works Created During "Bingyin Reform"

Release time:17-07-27

In 1986, Lai Shaoqi retired and returned from Anhui to Guangzhou, where he decided to change his painting style in the light of Guangzhou's regional climate and scenery. This event, called as "Bingyin Reform," helped him initiate a new artistic journey. "Bingyin Reform" refers to a period when Lai Shaoqi integrated various artistic languages from home and abroad and made innovations from the perspectives of strokes. compositions and colors, presenting a concise but extremely modern style. As the most important period in his whole artistic career, this reform has successfully promoted Lai Shaoqi to rid himself of his personal artistic restrictions as well as traditional painting languages, helping him achieving another peak in his artistic state.

Delight of the Fish    500px × 496px

Picture of Yellow Mountain and Stone Valley    500px × 270px

Baiyun Mountain    500px × 527px