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Special Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphies Donated by Mr. K. Yung

Release time:17-07-27

Mr. K. Yung (1894-1983), formally named Zhaogeng, style name Xibai, pseudonyms Rong Zhai and Song Zhai, was born in Dongguan of the Guangdong Province. He was a famous paleographer and cultural relics connoisseur. He successively held teaching positions at Yanching University , Peking University, Lingnan University and Sun Yan-sen University. He also served as a member of the Antique Appraisal Committee of the Antique Institute in the Palace Museum, member of the Guangdong Provincial Cultural Relics Management Committee, and member of the National Committee of CPPCC.

In his late years, he donated all his collections, including Chinese paintings and calligraphies, letters by celebrities, books, to the nation. Receiving the largest number of collections by Mr. K. Yung, Guangzhou Museum of Art presents in this year the Special Exhibitions of Paintings and Calligraphies Donated by Mr. K. Yung, aiming at reorganizing the paintings and calligraphies donated by him through the exhibition catalogue. We selected more than five hundred works from more than one thousand pieces donated by him which are now in the museum's collection.

Calligraphy by Ni Yuanlu    400px × 1536px

 Calligraphy by Liu Yong    400px × 784px

Calligraphy by Chen Hongshou    隶书七言联    400px × 865px

Calligraphy by Zeng Guofan    400px × 973px


Calligraphy by     400px × 174px

Calligraphy by Feng Minchang    400px × 1539px

Calligraphy by Deng Chengxiu    400px × 182px    400px × 524px

Calligraphy by Kang Youwei    400px × 715px

Calligraphy by Zhang Taiyan    400px × 870px

Calligraphy by Liang Qichao    楷书八言联    400px × 713px

Calligraphy by Lin Zhimian    400px × 1018px

Calligraphy by Zou Shouqi    400px × 370px