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The Fragrance of plum- The plum blossom paintings of all Dynasties

Release time:16-04-06

"Mei Society", was founded in 1928, originated by famous painter,Su liupeng, Ju Chao, Ju Lian, late promoted by Gao Jianfu, Chen Shuren, and Gao Qifeng, is also an important birthplace of Lingnan Painting School. "Mei Society" has an abundance of capable people with a greater influence on the cultural societies at that time.

Now, "Mei Society" was rebuilt, the first cultural event is organizing the National Exhibition of plum paintings. This exhibition is hosted by the Memorial Hall of Lingnna School of Painting, Guangzhou Museum of Art, Guangdong Institute of Chinese Painting, Guangzhou Taoist Association, and Guangzhou Chun Yang Taoism Temple. We can learn the essence of plum from those wonderful works; give the old spirit of plum blossom a fresh life again. Feeling the beauty of the plum apart and let the spirit of Plum spread.

This exhibition represents the heritage of faith, not only to pay honor to the seniors of "plum Society”, but also carry forward the spirit of plum in the 21st century.