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Charm of Guangzhou in Old Times

Release time:16-04-06

19th-century Guangzhou was prosperous in economy and culture, under the background of which painters came forth in large numbers. They life in Guangzhou can more or less find its traces in their works. Picturesque private garden mansions, North Gate where kapok blossomed in spring, Lychee Bay that was packed with visitors in summer when Lychee was ripe as well as the bustling and lively boat on river with the squeak of oars under the shadow of lamp were all good places for gathering and tour. Rich urban life fueled the painters’ momentum to create. They painted the private gardens where scholars met, recorded the frequent and active discussions on painting and calligraphy among scholars and painted every object and scene captured by their eyes in their daily life.

Guangzhou is a historic city with more than two thousand civilization. As being the only trading port under the “one trading port” policy implemented during century 18 to 19, the prosperity of commerce and the city could rival Suzhou city and Hangzhou City at that time. We sincerely look forward that audience could experience colorful Guangzhou city life in 19 century more directly, as well as identity and admire the culture and history of Guangzhou city a little bit more through these paintings.