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Ten painting of Yang Zhiguang

Release time:15-07-22

Yang Zhiguang, ancestral home Jiexi, Guangdong Province, was born in Shanghai in 1930. In 1950, he was enrolled by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and received instructions from masters like Xu Beihong, Ye Qianyu and Dong Xiwen. Yang had been engaged in art education since his graduation in 1953, and had served as professor, faculty dean and Vice-president of China Central Academy of Fine Arts.
As an outstanding comtemporary Chinese painter, Yang Zhiguang was particularly good at figure painting. Being the first-generation artist in China, Yang had been passionate towards art and life, dedicating himself to sketching. In his long artistic career, Yang had not only created numerous figure paintings, but also sketches that mirrored times and landscapes. These sketches, as an extension of Yang’s realistic style in his figure paintings, are also a unity of form and spirit in terms of technique, composition and color. Yang combined traditional lines in Chinese paintings with lights and shades of Western paintings in a skillful way, portraying vivid and lifelike scenes. They are a reflecion of the artist’s taste and accomplishment.
In this exhibition, Yang’s landscape sketches over the years are on display, including his Chinese paintings and watercolors. Subject matters cover natural scenery and human landscape, such as villages, industrial constructions and exotic landscapes. Through these works, Yang’s tactful usage of Chinese and Western painting materials had been fully showcased.