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The painting Guan Shanyue

Release time:15-07-21

Mr. Guan Shanyue is a famous artist of traditional Chinese painting and a major representative of Lingnan painting school.
Born in Yangjiang of Guangdong in 1912, Mr. Guan entered the Spring Sleep Art Academy in 1935 to learn painting under the instruction of Mr. Gao Jianfu, founder of Lingnan painting school. He is deeply influenced  by Gao’art thinking.
In his artistic career of more than half a century, Mr. Guan has always devoted himself to the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese painting. He thinks the art should serve people and come from nature. He traveled all over the country and watched mountains and rivers to get his own enthusiasm. In modeling himself, he has created his unique artistic style. With vigorous touches and flowing colors, he brought out the powerful and imposing artistic effect of  the times.