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Events for commemorating the 100 years anniversary of Lai Shaoqi’s birth—Lai Shaoqi’s woodprints and art documents exhibition

Release time:15-07-20

Lai Shaoqi made a figure in the art circle as an engraving painter. In 1932, he was enrolled by the Western Painting Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Fine Art Academy, but soon after he became interested in the new-risen engraving painting. In 1934, he joined the Modern Creative Engraving Research Society organized by his teacher Li Hua, and hence devoted himself into wood engravings to reveal reality and uncover social darkness. He also wrote in person to Mr. Lu Xun, the advocator of the new-risen wood engraving. Lai finally became the backbone of the Research Society and went on a progressive artistic path with the instruction and help by Mr. Lu Xun.
In 1937 when the Anti-Japanese War burst out, Lai created Anti-Japanese engravings in the moment of national peril. In 1938 when Guangzhou was occupied, he was elected as member of the China’s National Assembly of Wood Engraving at Wuhan. In 1939 , he came to Anhui as a war correspondent of Jiuwang Daily and then join the New Fourth Army as the editor in chief of the Anti-Enemy Pictorial.
After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Lai was appointed in leader’s positions in the circles of literature and art. During 1960s to 1970s when he took office in Anhui, Lai rejuvenated local traditional engraving art by leading a creation team to come up with unprecedented large-scaled wood engravings of the new era. At the same time, he trained a bunch of excellent artists such as Shi Songling, Tao Tianyue and Zhang Zhi etc., who were renowned as the “New Anhui Engraving School” and left with a splendid page for the Chinese engraving art.
This year, in order to commemorate this great artist and his 100 anniversary of Lai’s birth, the Guangzhou Museum of Art collaborated with the Hefei Lai Shaoqi Art Gallery, Guangdong Museum of Art, Shanghai Museum of Art and Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy to launch this project. In the Guangzhou Museum of Art, we display Lai’s engraving works and relevant documentations to present his art and achievements.