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Masterpieces of Lingnan School of Painting

Release time:15-02-17

In the Early 20th century, Lingnan Painting School—a painting school with its slogan of "Art Revolution" was born in the intense revolutionary atmosphere of the Guangdong.

During development course of one hundreds of Lingnan Painting School, there were many excellent artists. Founder of the School, namely Gao Jianfu, Gao Qifeng and Chen Shuren, known as the "Two Gao"s and One Chen", were members of the China Alliance Committee, who follow Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the early period of revolt against the Qing Dynasty and gained outstanding exploit. Because of their advanced pursuit in politics and dissatisfaction in the conservative tradition of Chinese art circle at that time. They use the reformation of Japan for reference,advocated an art revolution. They found and put forward the theory of "Compromise between Chinese and Foreign, in Ancient and Modern Time". Huge momentum and influence were made among the art circle in China then.

The second-generation representative of the School like Guan Shanyue, Li Xiongcai, Zhao Shao’ang, Huang Shaoqiang, Yang Shanshen and so on have inherited and developed the revolutionary thinking of "Two Gao"s and One Chen". Focused on times and society and think over inheritance and innovative development of Chinese paintings. They practiced the motto "Ink Should Followed Times" , "Make the Past Serve the Present and Foreign Things Serve China" and opened a new page for the School with their individual styles, becoming outstanding icons in Lingnan and contemporary Chinese art circle.

For promoting Lingnan Painting School and development of Lingnan culture. We thus established the assort gallery—Gallery of Lingnan Painting School. "Masterpieces of Lingnan School of Painting" are held at the gallery. Classic works collection of these masters in Guangzhou Museum of Art are exhibited in these Permanent rotation exhibitions in order to promote in-depth researches on Lingnan art history.