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Chinese figure Paintings of All Dynasties from GuangZhou Musuem of Art

Release time:11-12-08

The art of Chinese dance and music can be traced far back into history. The classic Chinese Orchestra has four sections: the bowed strings, the plucked strings, the winds, and the percussion. In traditional Chinese orchestras, the combination of all the different instruments served to create a harmonious and beautiful auditory atmosphere. Many Chinese instruments can found in the literati’s painttings for their living pleasure. Some musical pieces are performed slowly to creating a relaxing ambience while others are performed very quickly to mark an atmosphere of excitement and festivity.
Dance in China entered into a period of unprecedented brilliance during the Tang dynasty as culture flourished. The development of modern Chinese dance has taken on a dynamic personality. Since the 20thcentury, artists specializes particularly in painting portraits and various sorts of dances. Our Museum now presents the Special Exhibition in Celebration of The 2th Guangzhou Art Festival to show to the audiences.