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In order to commemorate Gao Jianfu, one of the founders of the Lingnan Painting School, the Gallery is set up to showcase the paintings, sketches and relevant historical documents of the artist, most of which were donated by Gao’s families and students. The Gallery also exhibits other collections.

Gao Jianfu (1879—1951) was born in Panyu (today part of Guangzhou), Guangdong Province.In his early years, he followed Dr. Sun Yet-sen and joined the ChineseRevolutionary League, devoting himself to the 1911 Revolution.Influenced by modern democratic revolutionary thinking, Gao advocated an art reform and founded the Lingnan Painting School with Chen Shuren and Gao Qifeng. Gao put forward a theory of New ChinesePainting, and practiced with their fierce painting skills, producing afar-reaching effect in modern Chinese art history.

The Gallery is decorated in an elegant and precise tone, while the display content is split into six parts: A DiligentStudent, An Honest Patriot, A Pragmatic Pioneer, A Lingnan Master, A RenownedCelebrity. The exhibition demonstrates Gao’s artistic career and achievements in an all-rounded way. Lately, with new research findings, Sketches of Gao Jianfu was held to show Gao’s art from multiple perspectives. At the same time,Paintings of Gao Qifeng was held as an interrelated exhibition to the theme of Lingnan Painting School.Moreover, Gao’s works have also been introduced to museums such as Art Museum, TheChinese University of Hong Kong, QingdaoMuseum, TaipeiSun Yat-sen Memorial Museum,National PalaceMuseum and Dongguan Lingnan Painting Academy.