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In order to commemorate Chen Shuren, one of the founders of the Lingnan Painting School, the Gallery is set up to showcase the paintings, sketches and relevant historical documents of the artist, most of which were donated by Chen’s families. The Gallery also exhibits other collections.

Chen Shuren (1884—1948) was born in Panyu (today part of Guangzhou), Guangdong Province.In his early years, he followed Dr. Sun Yet-sen and joined the Chinese Revolutionary League, becoming one of the founding members of the1911 Revolution. Chen advocated an art reform and put forward a theory of NewChinese Painting. He founded the Lingnan Painting School with Gao Jianfu and Gao Qifeng, which established a unique style in modernChinese art history. Chen was accomplished in both poetry and painting conveying a sense of desolation and ingenuity.

The Gallery is decorated with Chinese folk house characteristics: a screen wall made of black bricks is placed in the front of gallery with all the walls inside made of archaize black bricks as well. The floor is covered with red bricks and the ceiling is decorated with a corner of wooden eave. One may feel that he enters a local’s home of the QingDynasty while stepping into The Gallery. Headlines of the exhibition are LifeStory, Artistic Career and The Influence, which depict Chen’s experiences and achievements as an artist. In recent years, Figure Paintings by Chen Shuren was introduced to the audiences, and Chen’s works have been displayed in Taipei Sun Yat-sen MemorialMuseum, NationalPalace Museum and Dongguan Lingnan Painting Academy.