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The Gallery is named after the noted painter Zhao Shao’ang and exhibits his calligraphies,paintings, sketches and other relevant historical documents, mostly donated by the artist himself, his families and students. The Gallery also holds exhibitions of other collections.

Zhao Shao’ang (1905—1998)was born in Panyu (today’s Guangzhou), Guangdong Province,and resided in Hong Kong until his death. As an outstanding figure of the Lingnan Painting School,Zhao was particularly good at making of foreign artistic techniques something very much his own. His works are vivid yet refreshing, simple yet lifelike, and are appreciated by both amateurs and professionals.

TheGallery is dominated by a bright and clean color tone, where natural lights are introduced into indoor space. A replica of the artist’s studio, the Dream andDaylily Studio, is reproduced in the Gallery, in which the drawing brushes,desk and chair as well as screen, all used by Zhao, were placed. The exhibition content is separated into two sections: painting and calligraphy. Recently,several exhibitions were held to demonstrate Zhao’s art in various angles, such as Bird-and-flower Painting by Zhao Shao’ang, Exhibition to Commemorate the 105th Anniversary of Zhao’s Birth, Sketches of Zhao Shao’ang and so on. We also cooperated with major museums such as the Hong Kong Zhao Shao’ang Art Gallery, Qingdao MunicipalMuseum, Dongguan Lingnan PaintingAcademy and National Palace Museum to promote Zhao’s works.

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