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The Gallery is named after the outstanding painter Yang Shanshen and display his works created through his life and relevant historical materials (donated by the artist and his students). It also displays other collections.

Born in Taishan, GuangdongProvince, Yang Shanshen (1913—2004)has been living in Canada for years. He was one of the senior members of the Lingnan Painting School. He integrates skillfully the Chinese and foreign art traditions and creates a fashion of his own. His works combine authentic details and deliberate abstraction, presenting a variety of styles and fashions, and are characterized by accurate forms and shapes.

The Gallery is designed with aconcise style as a whole. The content is categorized into six parts to manifest the versatility of the artist: Beast and Fowl; Bird-and-flower,Insect-and-fish; Figure; Landscape; Calligraphy; Sketches. Lately, ToCommemorate the Master: A Retrospective Exhibition of Yang Shanshen and ArtExhibition of Yang Shanshen’s Paintings were held. Meanwhile, we actively cooperated with Qingdao Municipal MuseumDongguan Lingnan Painting Academy and National Palace Museum to promote Yang’s works.