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The Gallery is named after the notable painter Lai Shaoqi and exhibits his woodcuts, calligraphies and relevant historical documents donated by the artist himself and his families and friends. The Gallery also holds exhibitions of other collections.

Lai Shaoqi (1915—2000) was born in Puning, GuangdongProvince. In his early age, he was famous for his woodcuts. Having inherited the tradition of the Xin’an Painting School of the Qing Dynasty, Lai was engaged in calligraphy and painting with a skillful application of dry ink brush strokes and dots which helped expressing a sense of romance and magnificence in his works. In his late years, Lai became influenced by international modernism. Intense colors were applied to reveal his mood and emotions. His works created in this period display a blending of Chinese and Western traditions.

The Gallery is furnished according to an original Xiguan Mansion. A memorial archway is built at the entrance of the Gallery with an inscription Wood and Stone Studio, where the artist created most of his works. Wood and Stone also symbolized the artistic experience and style of Lai. Exhibits are categorized into four parts in orde rof time to demonstrate Lai’s artistic career: Woodcut Period, Huangshan Mountain Period, Art Revolution in 1986 and After his 80s. Very recently,exhibitions such as Art Origin of Lai Shaoqi’s Calligraphy and Painting, Works by Huang Binhong and Lai Shaoqi, A Retrospective Exhibition of Lai shaoqi’s Woodcuts, Calligraphy and Seal Cutting of Lai Shaoqi, Elegant and Innocent:Bird-and-flower Paintings by Lai Shaoqi etc. Also GMA cooperated with the HefeiLai Shaoqi Art Gallery for several times to share research findings. In the meantime, various exhibitions of Lai’s masterpieces were jointly presented by GMA and National Art Museum of China, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Qingdao Municipal Museum, and Ningbo Tianyige Museum.