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The Gallery is named after the renowned caricaturist Liao Bingxiong, whose caricatures, calligraphies, sketches and relevant historical documents (mostly donated by the artist and his family) are on display. The Gallery also exhibits other collections.

Liao Bingxiong (1915—2006) was born in Xiangzhou, Guangxi Province. As a remarkable modern Chinese caricaturist, he was famous for his political and social satiric cartoons. His works are neat and simple in style yet profound and skeptical in subject matter. Influenced by the sentiment of romanticism and the styles of folk art, Liao’s caricatures manifest vividly his own idea of patriotism and belief in humanism.

The color tone design of theGallery is based on the theme of Liao’s caricatures: black and grey, which is also a metaphor for his black humor reflected from his works. The content is divided into five parts: Period of Anti-Japanese War, Age of the Cat Kingdom,Hong Kong Period, Early Years after the Founding of New China, After the 3rdPlenary Session of the Central Committee. In recent years, special exhibitions are held to demonstrate Liao’s art, including The Three Evils, Cat Kingdom:Caricatures by Liao Bingxiong and Anti-Japanese War: Liao Bingxiong’s Works. In addition, we cooperated with various organizations to present more dynamic exhibitions such as Bingxiong’s Supermarket: Creative Products of Liao’sCaricatures, The Soul of Bingxiong: A Retrospective Exhibition of Liao Bingxiong and His Donations, Looking for Bingxiong: A Mega-exhibition of Liao Bingxiong’s Works, 2012.