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The Hall is named after the prestigious musician Ma Sicong and displays his music scores, instruments and relevant historical documents, most of which were donated by Ma’s family.

Born in Haifeng, Guangdong Province, Ma Sicong (1912—1987) was a famous modern Chinese music composer, violinist and music educator. As a composer, he worked continuously in combining his two different musical worlds, often by taking the fine-crafted training and verve he learned from Western music and applying it to Chinese music, bringing out a cultural richness that had not been explored. As a leading performer of the violin in China, Ma Sicong brought the instrument to the attention of the greater public.Furthermore, he took the violin, previously an exclusively Western instrument,into the sphere of Chinese music.

The Hall is separated into two areas. The first exhibit area is Ma Sicong’s Artistic Career,where Ma’s violin, piano, music scores, articles, letters, performing suits,newspapers and books are on display. This area is divided into three sections,namely, South China: Early Brilliance, At theCapital: Service and Achievements and Ventures Overseas: Return to Music, which reflect the entire journey of Ma’s education, achievement and historical background. The second exhibit area is Music Appreciation, where Ma’s composition and performance as well as Chinese and Foreign Classical MusicalInfluences are on display through modern hi-fi technology. In general, the exhibition highlights Ma’s extraordinary achievements and great contribution to modern Chinese music under the background of modern Chinese music development.By cooperating with the Central Conservatory of Music, we acquired and arrangedMa’s musical documents, and published the Collected Edition of Ma’s Works as well as audiovisual products of Ma’s music. In addition, we promote Ma’s music by inviting famous musicians and music enthusiast to participate with concerts held in the Hall from time to time. These events not only popularize knowledge of music to the public, but also entertain people in a meaningful way.